Let’s Kill Hitler

There were two things I looked forward to yesterday all day which were getting me exited. The first was chinese, I had chicken and sweetcorn soup, noodles, chicken sweet and sour, spring rolls and prawn crackers the guy burned it a bit but on the whole was alright. Your really not reading a review of […]


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A few weeks ago I had one of those days where I just needed new games I was very bored. It was a Sunday and I didn’t even really know what I wanted, whether the shop was open or whether I could even afford the games I was considering. Anyway got down there and after […]

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Captain America Movie

I have been a massive fan of Cap for a number of years now ever since Avengers Disassembled when he defends Jarvis from a soldier who is disrespecting him saying “as far as I’m concerned this man is an Avenger” from then on I was a fan and the stories that have have come in […]

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The Expendables

Before any trailer, before any information about any semblance of a plot was released there was already a lot of hype about this film. It has been labeled the greatest action film ever and all people knew about it was the cast list. But just hearing that cast list makes you go wow. Jason Statham, […]

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New X Men 117

This issue is focused on Beast. It is the the first stand alone issue that I am writing about. It continues Grant Morison’s run with the same tone and storylines as the previous storyline. It starts with Beast in a training station with Beak. Then later in his lab he is getting ready for his […]

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Comics: Format Update

Ok this is just a minor article. As the title suggests I need to change the format I’m writing the comic articles in because if I go back although there are a lot of overriding storylines they are mostly stand alone self contained issues so I don’t want to have to switch between the two […]

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Toy Story 3

So third film in the Toy Story franchise. Well I was laughed at for wanting to see this because it’s a kids film. But well as I say you can’t call anything until you’ve tried it. Well Pixar has been known for being able to deliver with sending you on an emotional journey they can […]

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Firefly: Serenity

This is the first episode of Firefly not to be mistaken for the movie which is also called Serenity. This episode first introduces us to the Firefly ‘verse. It first starts with a flashback to the battle of Serenity Valley where Mal and Zoe were the only survivors. It then switches to the present day […]

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I’ve been wanting to do another movie review in fact there have been loads I’ve wanted to cover right at the top of that list have been considering reviewing are: The Usual Suspects Inception Shutter Island Fight Club Watchmen makes me wonder about what the rules are with regards to spoilers becoming so well known […]

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Ok this is one that you have to see. I saw it on the day of release on the IMAX and I have to say was a truly amazing experience. The film is about Cobb played by Leonardo DiCaprio and the rest of his team who are a special type of con men who steal […]

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